Be your own guru with the transformation of energy through the mind, body and breath.

I have put together a collection workshops for people who are looking for a self development experience and a holistic approach to wellbeing, but perhaps are nervous to come alone.

In short these workshops comprise of yoga, mediation, NLP/CBT infused with reiki.

Please read on for more information.

The only thing we can control is how we think and how we conduct ourselves! If there is one thing I have have learned on my journey to ease my over thinking mind its is this. Peace, movement and focused thinking suports the process of us finding our own equilibrium, to find our sense of wellbeing mentally, physically and emotionally, in response to the events going on around us.

I have orchestrated bespoke workshops that I liken to a journey through the different levels of consciousness. Using elements of hatha, yin and the five filaments yoga disciplines, NLP, CBT, sacred sanskrit and of course my beloved reiki, (wow that was a lot) to collectively create a unique space for “YOU”.

I’ll guide and support you as you uncover the foundations of the energy system through the practice of yoga and mindfulness. This is where I got the term “alchemy in motion” from. Working through the many layers of “self” creates change on multiple levels.

Conscious intention = Showing up in your truth and giving yourself permission be “be”.

Alchemy in motion = Changing your perspective through mindfulness and movement.

Transformation = Moving stagnant energy and old patterning into mindful action.

I will hold space so you can “just be” and connect to your inner self.

Each session may be up to five hours and light refreshments will be served throughout. My times are approximate as people are not linear, so please factor this in when arranging childcare.

There is a maximum of six per class to keep the intimacy of the space.

£95pp to be paid upon booking per session.

Each workshop is available to book a month in advance. Sanctuary clients get priority booking.

Follow the link below to book any events or for all enquiries. Regular clients feel free to message me directly.

The first workshop is one the 30th December at 9am-2pm

Please see my terms and conditions before booking, Add in