If you google chakras and reiki, according to Wikipedia this is what you will find:

Chakras are various focal points used in a variety of ancient meditation practices, collectively denominated as Tantra, or the esoteric or inner traditions of Hinduism. The concept of the chakras arose in the early traditions of Hinduism.

(I had to google the word esoteric and find out what it literally meant, as well as actually reading that paragraph from wikipedia three times and still not really understanding fully.)

(**Esoteric meaning = intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest)

Reiki (霊気) is a Japanese form of energy healing, a type of alternative medicine. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through which a “universal energy” is said to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.”

So there you have it in search engine terms! Please read on for my personal take on these two questions.

In layman’s terms, or should I say my terms.

Chakras are energy points situated in and around the body/aura. (The aura is the energy field around the body, If you are old enough to remember the Ready brek porridge advert I think this explains part of the aura really well.)

I use the chakra system as a map. A map that triggers many question about the multiple dimensions that make up a person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! And that’s just the start.

The chakra system is map of where we can go in life, and what we have experienced is influencing our view of the world! That’s the exciting part. Once the main chakra basics are understood and each one looked at individually, it becomes clear where change, action, accountability and healing is required to maintain the status quo and live our lives to the maximum of our true potential. Simple yeah? Simple indeed! Yet here I am, years and years into my research and my own journey, and the more I learn the more doors are opened in terms of education and exploration of life and what it is to be human, above all, what we are truly capable of!

Each chakra point has multiple facets to its existence, here are some of the basics.:


*Basic description


*Endocrine gland and body parts



*Characteristics if its over stimulated

*Characteristics if its closed

*Characteristics of a healthy chakra point

*What specifically affects each point in a positive and negative way/AKA whats supports and what hinders.

How do we know chakras are real?

We don’t! But what a great framework to live by I say! A great basis for accountability and knowledge of self!

The thesis of the chakra system mirrors so many medical, psychology and philosophical models. I think the chakra system is a really simple guide to being a human in this, at times complex existence of society this day and age..

Have you have ever felt dread in the pit of your stomach? (solar plexus) or had an ache in your chest (heart chakra) after the death of a loved one? These are examples of energy points. Yet if you were cut open there is nothing there! Regardless, the feeling of grief and anxiety can be very real and very painful.

In contrast what does it “feel like” to be excited (solar plexus) about something or to fall deeply in love (heart chakra)?

Is a somatic feeling real? The answer is questionable and lots of view points to be had. Pseudoscience has raised many questions these past few years and been a fantastic talking point and wonderful alternative to those who a fact based (Like me). I however, have my facts firmly in place. Reiki works for some, for many in fact. The irony is, the most skeptical of clients appear to often get the most profound results!

To those of you that are consciously awakened to yourself and your environment the answer would be yes, I feel all the feels in my body, or at least the majority. To others, Mmmmmmm you possibly have no idea what I am even talking about, and that’s ok too.

Many would argue that the vagus nerve plays the most part in these sensations Im writing about. So I’m fully on board with this viewpoint as the vagus nerve is the main structure of the chakra system.

The difference in the chakra system compared to medical ‘facts” are, the “being” as a whole is holistically considered regarding the background of each chakra point, taking everything into consideration as the to health of each chakra point. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Not necessarily factual but definitely makes you think about yourself as a whole in graphic detail.

One of the main points of the crown chakra is to “have an open mind to all theories” I love this. Some subjects/theories that I categorically disagree with I find the most intriguing to discuss respectfully. Why? Because I am open to listen to another’s viewpoint! There is a difference between understanding and believing.

The beauty of being open to discuss any topic is a gift indeed and there is always learning to be had. Always.

What does a reiki therapist do with this information?

My intention is to keep this information as simple as possible. So, in short once a vocal consultation is complete, and it’s incredible what a person tells a therapist without consciously knowing. For example; If a client talks about being frightened to take action, unsure and in fear of what others think of him/her, instinctively I would think this is a root and solar plexus chakra issue for example. Yet once the client is on the couch and the treatment is under way, the clients energy can often tell a whole different story. This is when I step into another realm and just go with it, getting lost on a level that is more than meditation and very conscious in the moment of everything and nothing. Very hard to articulate to be honest.

I am more than often surprised what a person presents on a energy level opposed to what is really going on in their verbal truth, and this is the beauty of reiki. Reiki does not assume, question, or judge, reiki is just pure, a unconditional space to be, heal and let go of what no longer serves you, in turn creating space for new chapters! Although the consultation is necessary in all cases, a client’s words and energy do not alway marry up! Energy is in essence a person’s truth “beyond” words! As a therapist, my job is to hold space for that client and ensure that space is safe.

A prime example of this is the end of life work I have do. When I am blessed to share a person’s space in the final days of their life.

One would naturally assume this energy would be difficult to navigate, yet these are some of the most luminary and majestic sessions I ever experienced.

By the time I see my terminally diagnosed clients, they are often taking the most toxic drugs and their body has some sort of dis-ease, yet the energy is often of the purest nature. I am not to question this, I simply hold space and create a window of peace, unconditional space and love. The beautiful soul in front of me always leads the way. This part of my reiki journey leaves me grateful and very amazed every time.

To say it is a privilege to partake in end of life sessions is understatement, to share a person space in someones final days is humbling on a profound level.

SO, getting back to the point! A therapist does nothing with the information given in a consultation! He/She simply listens and concludes what the clients intentions are, whilst listening to what the client isn’t saying.

Intention = what a person needs and wants from their treatment or desired outcome. To create balance or alignment on some level is usually the end game.

But what actually is reiki?

As a blended energy therapist with 25 years experience (basically means I have trained in multiple areas of energy work. (Reflexology, Bio-energy, massage, Shamanic healing, Indian head massage, Yoga) reiki is just one of many feathers in my cap so to speak.

To me, reiki is one the most gentle, simple and effective disciplines that I have trained in.

To the observer the client sits or lies and the therapist either moves their hands over specific points of the body and intuitively seeks balance using a selection of techniques accompanied with a clear mindset. Some therapists physically place their hands on the client while others don’t. There is no right and wrong here. The therapist sets a clear intention and uses ancient symbols to support the clients connection to a place of balance.

The therapist is merely a vessel. The client is 100% in control as to the level of consciousness he or she is ready to explore. No two clients ever had the same experience. Every session is unique as each of us are different by the second, never mind the day.

In my raw truth, I am forever mesmerised by the profound changes and growth I have experienced personally, and witnessed first hand with my own clients! As I type this and gaze out of my window so many beautiful souls flash through my head and I smile, knowing that they are in a much better place through the most simple of processes. They did the work, as a therapist, I simply created a safe space for them to work out what and where change and healing are needed.

How does reiki help balance the energy system?

In this overstimulated world that we live in, there has never been a better time for a holistic approach to how we live our lives.

I am over the moon to see the massive increase and #trend in somatic energy practitioners, mindfulness, yoga/meditation teachers and person centred life coaches. These influences are subtle yet can have a major effect on a person wellbeing as a whole.

I’ve listed below the five basic reiki principles associated. All very simple and very easy to implement into every day living..

The 5 principles of Reiki are:

1. Just for today, I will not be angry. This is simple and easy, but yet so effective. Say this out loud to yourself while looking in the mirror in the morning. Tell yourself you are not allowing anger to be a part of your day and that it is not needed or warranted in your day—just for today.

2. Just for today, I will not worry. Worry is a feeling we manifest due to our fear of not being enough or having enough. Once you realize you are enough and have everything you need, worry will disappear, even if just for today.

3. Just for today, I will be grateful. Being thankful for what you have and what you are able to give is something we tend to forget. We lose track of how much we have and focus on things we don’t or think we should have. Remember how good things are now and how abundant your life is, if just for today.

4. Just for today, I will do my work honestly. We tend to cut corners, skimp on things to get the project done in time or save a penny or two here and there. In the grand scheme, this thinking might not be the most honest way possible. We keep convincing our selves it’s okay just this one time or no one will know if I do it just this once. Do not fall for that thought or notion, if just for today.

6. Just for today I will be kind to every living thing. In Buddhism we believe in reincarnation, and that all creatures could have been our mothers in a previous life, so therefore we treat all living creatures in this lifetime with the kindness and respect we show our mother in this life time. If you really understand that simple but strong thought you will treat all mankind with the same kindness and respect shown to your mother, if just for today.

(5 principles by https://thetattooedbuddha.com/2015/03/13/just-for-today-applying-the-5-principles-of-reiki/ )

This way of thinking is a small part of the reiki teachings. I think this explains how reiki living can balance your life.


In medical terms a placebo is a medicine given to a patient that has no ingredient.

Reiki however, is loaded with clear intentions, boundaries and A LOT of time and effort is invested in learning how to be a reputable practitioner. I can only speak for myself!

When I sit and work it out, I think it took me around 20 years to fully “get it” and surrender to the natural anomaly that is energy healing work. Even now I have moments of “how does this really work”!?

Is reiki simply a placebo? I really do not concern myself with this question anymore. I have gathered enough evidence that has calmed my forever inquisitive mind, and if this is the case then so be it.

All I know is that I found it life changing and gained the humble insight to have watched others step through and out of suffering, in turn live a life on their terms, or death in some cases.

Is intention enough?

Every action has a reaction! If you do something with cruel intention and mindset vs something with love and compassion for the greater good, the outcome is very different for all concerned. I’d say intention is a pretty powerful indeed. Whether your actions/intention are seen immediately or long term, all our actions have a reaction somehow. AKA a form of energy in motion. Cause and effect.

We all know someone that is full of life and always so happy, in contrast we all know a grumpasaurus! The energy these two characters emit is tangible.

Two very different characters with two very different mindset and intentions!

How do you feel when being around these two different types of people? Drained, empowered, heavy, light, inspired, the list goes on. Intention affects others around us.

This is also an example of energy too.

What is energy?

Everything is energy, EVERYTHING! From the way your eyes and brain process this blog to the effort it takes you to speak, hear and move. There are a trillion different catalysts need to happen in your body every second to keep you alive and functioning, all requires energy. One teeny weeny atom having a chain reaction with the next. Atoms make up everything in the universe.

The natural daylight you see, which is actually eight minutes away takes a huge amount of energy to reach your eyes as the sun is 93 million miles away! That’s a whole blog in itself! This is energy.

Photosynthesis is an example of energy!

The process of eating and conversion to energy to live is a very complex and intriguing chain of catalysts, that is energy at its finests!

Read my energy journey below.

What if we take this to a somatic level? Do you ever meet someone and get that “gut feeling”? The one where you have absolutely zero evidence but something feels “off” then in time your “feeling” is confirmed? This is a form of energy! Not privy to everyone I may add, or at least not consciously.

Have you ever been chatting about someone you have not seen for years and then within days voilaaaaarrrr you bump into them or they call! This is a form of energy. (law of attraction)

Energy comes in all sorts of examples but ultimately as I said, energy is everything, therefore, reiki is a form of energy therapy based on ancient disciplines and pure intentions. More importantly, it works and that’s all that matters to me personally!

I have tagged a interesting in depth explanation of the history of reiki below. By no means are you going to be qualified, but you will be much better informed.


Reiki is not simple to explain. Love is.

To me, reiki is the highest form of love, forever and always intriguing me. These days reiki feels like air as I practice reiki so much in my everyday life.

Do we need to be qualified to send unconditional love and healing to another being? My truth is no we do not.

Love, I mean pure unconditional, detached love is simple, kind, pure and available to us all at any point. Working through barriers and layers of ingrained patterning is perhaps not so easy, but with effort and commitment anything is possible.

If we can love ourselves and others with healthy boundaries, morals, values and clear intention, this is a beautiful way to “be” in my opinion?

Whether you say a prayer, light a candle, hold someone dear in a warm embrace or even wish someone the very best, you my dear friend are performing energetic alchemy and making this world a better place.

Ps, please include yourself in your love and intentions

Written with warm, kind, unconditional love and intentions.

Namaste darling.


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