Would you like to explore the world of energy healing?

Are you ready to start your healing journey?

My style of teaching is very different to conventional teaching styles.
A very open mind is certainly a requirement for anyone attending my classes or courses!
I believe that you learn by doing in equal measure to learning the foundations of any discipline.
My classes are intense yet enlightening and my intention is that you will leave each class wiser, more grounded, with a much deeper connection to yourself and everything around you.

As I am very busy with my private one to one clients my classes and courses are few a far between. Emails will be sent out with up and coming dates and availability.

Classes are very different from my one to one sessions. Why? Because one to one sessions are purely organic and are focused on the needs of one person and what they are presenting on that given day.

My courses are very intense and although focused on learning how to do reiki, it is as much about your own journey as it is the actual lesson. Great teachers lead by example! Your Reiki journey becomes as much about your own healing journey as it is that of others.
My reiki foundation course is split over two full days. Before the course you will have a personal energy session with myself to prepare you for your reiki I training. The average day is 9am-5pm but these times can vary. A consultation is required to establish if I am the teacher for you. The teacher/student connection is such an important aspect of your experience.

Groups are 2-4 individuals who want to join other like minded people. The class comprises of a guided mindfulness discussion and followed by a meditation practice on various topics.

Classes take up to two hours and are a great introduction for those who want to explore the world of mindfulness and self development.

Groups are small so the intimacy of the sessions can be maintained within the luxury of The very ambient Sanctuary.

All you need to bring along is an open mind.

15th August 2020
10am and 1.30pm

Rest and relaxation

Price per person for each class £45

2nd September 2020
10am and 1.30pm

Rest and relaxation

Price per person for each class £45

10th August 2020
10am - 4pm

Day one. Introduction to Reiki workshop

Price per person £300
This is a two day course that is spit into separate weeks. Only two per class. In addition a personalised energy session is included for each student to support the process of learning. This is to be booked with the individual.

31st August 2020
10am - 4pm

Day two. Introduction to Reiki workshop

Part of day one.
Only two per class.

Class info

Email thesanctuaryatairedale@gmail.com to book

All classes are done from the floor. We are sat on the floor for up to one hour and then you will lay for up to one hour. Yoga matts, bolsters, blankets, water/tea are provided. Reiki is also infused into the session as a group as well as individually.

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