Wanting change and not knowing what to do was one of the first hurdles I personally had to overcome. The second huge hurdle was finding someone to support me in the process! Through many differing therapies from all over the world, guidance and training over the last 26 years, coupled with my own growing confidence has made me into the person I am today. Loving the imperfect version of myself wasn’t easy, but was most definitely 100% worth it.

My holistic journey was like discovering the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and just when I thought I was nearing the end of the journey I stumbled across energy therapy or in simpler terms – the connection to one’s self.  Learning more about the ancient teaching and techniques of energy therapy has allowed so many more questions to be answered for me.

Being a more pragmatic and less philosophical person, the ‘connection’ between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body now made much more sense to me.  And so began another part of my self-development journey in the form of the ‘chakra’ system which I have to say, is truly amazing.

Energy treatments are a non-invasive and focus on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances we have in our bodies. Reiki, Bio energy, Reflexology, Shamanism, and massage are all forms of energy therapy with same intention, creating space for the greatest and highest good for the client.

Energy treatments and healing are not a new concept and have been around for thousands of years, even as far back as the Egyptian times.  It is used in many different cultures in other forms such as; Chi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), Prana (Indian) and is also referred to as a life force or electromagnetic field.

Everything is made up of energy, it’s a constant and everything we sense is also energy (Sight, sound, taste, touch, smell ,our instincts and our thoughts for example are all senses). Dependant on the individuals encounters and experiences within their life will depend how their own energy field has been affected. We all have a unique energy!  Learning how the ‘energy system’ works can help us maintain are balanced way of ‘being’ – the best version of ourselves.

I am qualified in Reflexology, Bio energy, Elements of Shamanism & I am a Reiki master and teacher. I have recently become a qualified yoga teacher in Yin and Hatha yoga too.  I have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge gained from many years being spent with some truly gifted therapists and teachers from all over the world. All this has allowed me to better understand my own behaviour and that of others. I believe that as a therapist it is imperative to understand yourself and your own energy to be able to offer the best healing space possible for others.

Having also spent time with the world renowned Tony Robbins (Inspirational teacher) and Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming)  allows me to fully enhance any treatment session. Being a qualified and very proud practitioner allows me to introduce certain elements into my bespoke one to one sessions. I also blend NLP with CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) as these two disciplines work well together. The combination of east meets west can have a dynamic healing effect, which is not only empowering but can be, ‘life changing’.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

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